Elephants bring in giant strides of good luck to you

elephant bring good luck
elephant for good luck

Elephant Bring Good Luck

Chathuranga, the earliest form of Chess which was originated in India refers to four divisions of an army- elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry. Thus elephants were the integral part of ‘war and peace’ for time immemorial.
Elephants’ trumpet, which is made during excitement, distress or aggression, can be heard up to 10m Kilometres. And like you elephants can recognise themselves in a mirror. Elephant can show emotions including grief and tears; you can have a true companion in your home in bad time as well.

Wont you like to have a true companion who brings in luck to you and your family? get one straight away from www.woodhandicraftgifts.com, on we are one of the reputed suppliers of Rajasthan artefacts including famous elephants. These are handmade wood carved by well-known artist of Rajasthan who got the skill from their ancestors. The magnificent wooden elephants are usually made from single wooden blocks, the wools are special too- right from rare woods from Aravalli forests, sandal wood, Kadam wood etc.

sandal wood elephant

Rajashtan (Land of Rajas- kings) is associated with art, craft, music, hunting and of course wars. The Rajas has a soft corner towards poetry, no doubt they encouraged wood carvings and sculptures that produced poetry in wood. We are proud to present the exotic wooden carvings to you, the connoisseur.

wooden painted elephant

The tail- hair of an elephant can thwart evil and even common fever. The sensory lands in the foot of an elephant enable this giant mammal to sense the earthquake activities. Elephants are beauty conscious too; they use mud bath to increase their resistance t ultra-violet rays and insect bites. They keep themselves cool by fanning the enormous ears.

Elephant can show emotions including grief and tears; you can have a true companion in your home in bad time as well. You can be as cool as an elephant. Elephants have the largest brains of all mammals.

The trunk of an elephant has more than 40,000 muscles in it. Should it be up or down in a poetry in timber. It does not really matter.

You can place order direct with The Wood Crafts for exotic wooden elephants. Only approved colors are used so as not do any harm to you or the ecology. In case you are looking for any specific items to be developed, please contacts us, we may be able to help.

Elephants have been admired by humans for many centuries. They are intelligent animals. Elephants have the largest brains of all mammals.  Elephants master the task of using tools. They have a superb memory.Wooden elephants are capable of showing great compassion and expressing grief. A real elephant is workaholic especially in wood cutting.

wooden ambari elephant

It also protects the home when facing the entrance making sure only good fortune passes through. Put an elephant at the entrance to your business and residence, and see luck comes along. Besides luck, wisdom, energy, knowledge, longevity, fertility and success are on the way. What about a key chain version of an elephant or a bracelet made out of elephant hair?

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